Thursday, May 28, 2015

Quality Plus Size Bras Means Quality Sleep

Some women dread or do not look favorably on sleeping for the night with their brassieres on. They may feel certain health issues will arise, and that their breasts should be allowed to “breathe” at night. Here are some reasons wearing bras for plus size women at night need not be cause for alarm and may in fact be beneficial.
Just Comfort
There is proof that wearing a bra to bed provides a good level of comfort, especially for women with big breasts who experience discomfort in their sleep.
No Stretch Marks and Cleavage Wrinkles
No woman wants to get stretch marks, but women with big breasts are more prone to developing stretch marks on their chest region as they are sleeping because the weight of the breasts can pull the skin. Wearing a bra to bed can help you avoid this by keeping the breasts in place. Plus size bras can also eliminate the problem of cleavage wrinkles when you sleep on your side by providing support between the breasts.
No Restless Hot Nights
Sleeping in warm nights can cause some sweating issues for women with big breasts. Wearing just any bra would not cut it; you’ll need a bra made of gentle, breathable fabric to keep you cool as you sleep. Stay away from fabrics made of latex or polyester which can raise your breast tissue temperature to 37 degrees or more. Your bras should be latex-free, hypoallergenic, and made with moisture-wicking fabric.

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