Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Common Challenges of Plus Size Women

If you’re wearing a bra, you should know that there are specific practices that need to be done to care for it. For instance, it’s better to hand wash your bras and keep them clasped in your drawers to avoid the hooks from getting tangled or ripped away by other clothes or underwear. Here are some of those everyday challenges of wearing a bra and their handy solutions:

Finding the Right Fit
Given that you have to switch bras whenever your size changes, how do you find the perfect fit? Get measured by a specialist to be sure, or use reliable guides to get the right measurements. Make sure the store you’ll buy from uses the same fitting technique.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Brief History of Plus Size Bras

Bras are delicate garments that originated from breast bands and corsets in the 16th century. Their primary purpose was to prevent sagging and push the breast upwards and outwards. Later on, silk fabrics and metal wires were used to form a silhouette that’s a bit closer to the bras of today.

As fate would have it in the First World War, metals were in short supply and women were increasingly becoming mainstays in the workforce. Corsets were practically shortened because of this, and the smaller garment’s design evolved continuously.