Thursday, January 1, 2015

Brief History of Plus Size Bras

Bras are delicate garments that originated from breast bands and corsets in the 16th century. Their primary purpose was to prevent sagging and push the breast upwards and outwards. Later on, silk fabrics and metal wires were used to form a silhouette that’s a bit closer to the bras of today.

As fate would have it in the First World War, metals were in short supply and women were increasingly becoming mainstays in the workforce. Corsets were practically shortened because of this, and the smaller garment’s design evolved continuously.

Then came the more modern brassiere designs. The 60s gave birth to push-up bras and lace bras, while the sports bra was invented in the 70s (then named “Jogbra”). Now, new styles and designs of these delicate garments are manufactured and made trendy, including comfy and stylish plus size bras. More and more women are willing to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of bucks to get the bras that suit their body and their particular lifestyles.

It also helps that education on the proper types of undergarment for every female size or shape possible is being forwarded today. No longer must women suffer in silence for wearing the wrong kind of bra underneath their clothes. Even plus-size women can find their much-needed bra relief now, with innovative plus size bra products providing the answers to their very specific requirements for comfort. With a custom fit, it hugs the full figure of their torso to a tee. 

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