Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Breast Support Important for Plus-size Woman

A good bra can make a woman look better. However, full chested women often have a more difficult time finding the right-sized bra, particularly since traditional ones do not offer the band support that their figures need. What these women can do is look for special bras for plus size women. These eliminate the common nuisances many full-sized women get from traditional, off-the-rack bras that have inadequate band and strap support.

In addition to creating a better appearance, good band support also lessens the pressure on the shoulders and the back, while keeping the cups in place. Also, as the wearer does not rely too much on the straps to keep the bra in place, these do not need to be tightened, thus avoiding the posture change that comes with tight straps and clasps.

Importance of a Comfortable Bra

By enhancing the wearer’s appearance, (and making her look five to ten pounds thinner), as well as by promoting comfort, the right bra can make a woman feel confident from the inside. A comfortable and good-fitting bra also has health benefits. It does not restrict the flow of the lymph fluid in breasts, allowing it to carry toxins away from breast tissues.

Therefore, the next time you decide to buy a bra, remember to pick the best bra for plus size women. Settling for anything less will cause you to lose out on the many health and aesthetic benefits that only an excellently-designed bra for full-figured women can give.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Plus Size Bras Help After Breast Augmentation

More women are getting breast augmentation surgery nowadays, citing varying reasons for it. The boost in self-confidence that comes from an improved self-image is one of the top reasons, especially in women who have gone through childbirth, and as a result, are experiencing sagging and prematurely aging breasts. Some women who have just had surgery from breast cancer also choose breast augmentation for reconstructive purposes.

However getting implants isn’t over when the surgery is done. It is important to keep in mind that these implants would require replacements over some time. On some occasions, an MRI scan is necessary to determine if there are ruptures. Keeping your regular appointments is important to monitor the recovery and condition of the implants. Simple techniques like avoiding strenuous workouts help in the recovery, as well as wearing a comfortable and perfectly fitted plus size bra to help maintain their form.

Post-surgery recuperation, as well as post-recovery can be a delicate time. A woman recovering from a breast augmentation procedure should provide protection for her breasts by wearing the right size of bra that not only supports the breast, but also the shoulders, as the weight of the breasts can cause strain along the neck and back. Women in this precarious condition may have trouble looking for the right plus size bras for themselves. Companies understand this sensitive problem and provide comfort bras to help women go on with their life with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ill-fitting Bras for Plus Size Women Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Adding to this, bras for plus size women are exceedingly harder to find. More than a possible wardrobe malfunction, however, wearing the wrong bra can cause a number of health risks like restricted breathing, which can lead to headaches due to lack of oxygen. It can also lead to poor posture, breast pain, back pain, and abrasions, not to mention the possible disruption of the flow of the digestive system and indigestion. Breast cancer is probably the most serious issue to watch out for. Bras that do not fit properly can restrict the lymph flow to the breasts, thus increasing the toxins that may cause cancer. It is therefore imperative to find the best bras for plus size women.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wearing Plus Sized Bras Help Breastfeeding Mothers with Breast Care

Nursing plus size bras should be worn instead of regular ones. During the first 8 weeks after giving birth, there will be noticeable fluctuations in breast size. Regular cup sized bras are ill-fitting and may restrict your breast’s milk production. Bras with wide contouring straps and thicker waistbands, such as those from Embrace Bra, provide utmost comfort and support without digging into the skin. Preferably, wear those with smooth, latex-free fabric, and are hypoallergenic and with moisture wicking to prevent rashes.