Thursday, May 28, 2015

Full Support: How Quality Plus Size Bras Can Help

Plus size women typically have a hard time when it comes to finding the right bra. It’s a good thing that more and more manufacturers of such undergarments are doing their best to address the needs of well-endowed ladies and even those who recently underwent breast surgery. Here are some problems that can be addressed by a high-quality plus size bra:
Working Up a Sweat
Everybody who wants to keep a healthy lifestyle knows that part of that is regular exercise. That might be a problem for women with large bosoms. Sport bras can only do so much, and more often than not, these are not enough to provide support let alone handle the sweat issues that come with naturally large breasts.
Unattractive Sagging
Big breasts don’t have awesome gravity-defying powers. They tend to sag despite your best efforts to keep them perky. Your go-to bra shouldn’t be a push-up bra to get rid of that unattractive sagging; tight bras, especially push-up designs, can cause pain when worn for long periods of time.
All Sorts of Pain
Eventually, all that unsupported weight can become quite a problem, causing all sorts of pain in places you’d never expect. You get back pain, shoulder pain, and even neck pain. It also gets worse if you’re moving: Running fast on a flight of stairs when you’re late for work, for example, can be quite a challenge because your breasts don’t have ample support.

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