Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Big-Breasted Women Problems: What to Expect

Having a plus-sized figure can be detrimental when looking for bras. A perfect fitting one gives you a flattering shape and boosts your confidence, so take time to find the right bra. Here are some bra problems plus size women must avoid at all costs:

1.    Pressure

Many bras worn by plus-sized women have a band too tight that it squeezes their rib cage.  This creates compression that often results in breathing difficulty and restriction of circulation to the breast, which can damage the breast tissue. At times, the woman may feel like pins and needles are piercing her as the neuromuscular bundle of nerves on the chest are compressed.  Since the straps bear the weight of the boobs, oftentimes, they dig on the shoulders, leaving ugly dents and creating back and neck discomfort.

2.    Wrong cup size

Too small a cup results in an unflattering “four boob” effect, that is, when the boobs seem to spill over the bra and form an extra bulge on top. Many plus-sized women, tend to opt for underwired bras to get the ideal shape, but this merely limits movement and squeezes and pinches the breast at the same time.

3.    Moisture

This is particular when one’s being active for the day. While this means burning fat, moisture can attract a certain species of fungi that feeds on dead skin cells within the breasts’ dark skin folds. Sweat can also cause a regular bra to move out of place during rigorous movements.

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