Monday, December 1, 2014

Must-have Features for a Post-surgery Bra

Some women undergo a breast augmentation procedure to restore their breasts’ firmness after childbirth and breastfeeding, while some long for symmetrical breasts. Whatever the reason may be, they will benefit from purchasing plus-size bras that are designed to play a role in post-breast surgery care. Here are the features to watch out for:

Front closure

In general, women sometimes find it difficult to hook a bra at the back, and things are worse when they have recently undergone breast augmentation surgery. As such, an ideal bra for them comes with front closure for easy locking access.

No underwire

Post-surgery bras should provide a good amount of support and compression without underwire. Wearing underwire bras can lead to complications like irritation, and even displacements of incisions. As such, it’s best to look for bras without underwire but still manage to support and compress the breasts.

Comfortable fabric

Post-surgery care can be torturous if one wears a bra of the wrong fabric. For instance, lace bras are fine for any occasion, but if one just recently underwent a breast surgery procedure, it’s best to settle for more comfortable fabrics like nylon or cotton.

Wide chest bands and straps

Plus-size bras for post-breast surgery patients should ideally have wide chest bands and straps to provide ample support and comfort. These features mean that the bras stay on the wearer as she slowly goes back to the normal activities.

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