Saturday, December 20, 2014

3 Health Effects of Wrong Bras for Plus-Size Women

Admit it. Fancy bras are tempting eye candies and you’d sometimes trick yourself into believing that it fits right even though it doesn’t. Comfort should be prioritized over aesthetics. Besides, what’s the use of fanciness if your breasts are not in a healthy shape? Read this list to see how your bra choices can affect your health.
Back pain
Poor fitting bra cannot support breasts well from gravity, thus it causes you to slouch and feel back pain later on. Opt for bras with extra wide bands for better support, but also check that it’s not too tight as it can pressure your rib cage.

Sagging breasts
Loose bra fails to provide the right lift and can make your breast lose its firmness. It may be inevitable as you age (except when you’re extraordinarily gifted) but wearing the right bra keeps it from premature sagging. Buy a bra that has wider contouring around the side, back and shoulder.
Skin abrasions

If it’s too tight, it can cause stretch marks on almost all areas around your breast. Pressure from the straps on your shoulders, and the band around your rib, leave ugly dents on the skin. It can cause blisters especially on the area below the breasts which usually holds most of the weight. Try flexing your arms to check if it’s too tight. As for fabric, opt for ones that are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and wicks sweat away.

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