Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Post-Surgical Bras for Plus Size Women

Women who find their breasts size unsatisfying can decide to undergo a surgery. Whether its enhancement or reduction they are opting for, the procedure will require several post-operative management. The healing process of today’s surgery can take a few to several weeks and requires a patient to carefully follow homecare instructions, from applying ointments to wearing the proper bra.

For plus size ladies, finding a quality bra for everyday use is already quite a challenge. What more when it comes to post-surgical bras for plus size women? After a breast augmentation, lift, mastectomy, reduction, reconstruction, or any other type of cardiac and thoracic surgery, the patient needs to find and use a well-fitting undergarment that won’t impede healing or induce complications.

Made of Quality Materials

The best bras for plus size women after surgery feature a moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and latex-free fabric that feels smooth on the skin. The clasps, elastics, straps, and other materials utilized for a post-surgical bra must be of high-quality and are arranged strategically to promote healing.

Ensures Comfort and Support

Soreness, swelling, and skin sensitivity are just some of the expected post-op issues a patient may encounter. Therefore, ideal post-surgical bras should be easy to wear and provide ample support without being to constrictive. They typically have front zipper closures and have no constricting underwires. Moreover, a number of specially designed bras in the market uses innovative solutions like a pillow insert technology that cushions, cradles, and reduces lateral movement for faster healing and recovery.

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